Call For Proposals

WIELS 2022 Call for Proposals

Submit proposals by June 30, 2022 to the WIELS 2022 Proposal Submission Form

Acceptance letters will be sent by email on or before August 15, 2022.

The seventh annual conference of the Women in Educational Leadership Symposium (WIELS) will be held virtually October 6-7, 2022. The WIELS Vision is to cultivate educational leadership among women and others who are historically under-represented and marginalized based on gender. Our Mission is to establish an inclusive community that advocates the elimination of gender-based barriers to leadership opportunities. WIELS is committed to promoting and empowering the advancement of women, gender non-binary, feminine-identified, and gender fluid leaders, and providing ongoing support through coaching, mentoring, and networking. Download the pdf.

Persons who are interested in learning from others and those who are willing to share skills and expertise are urged to register and participate. The conference theme is Advancing the Leader Within: Building Capacity. Attendees are urged to submit proposals on salient issues, skills, and experiences affecting women leaders for one of the session categories below.

Conference proposals are due by June 30, 2022. 

WIELS Session Categories

Paper session.
The purpose of the paper session is (1) to report research results, (2) to analyze policy and practice issues, or (3) to advance philosophical, conceptual, or theoretical thought about women in leadership. The proposal summary should include a statement of purpose, theoretical framework, findings, and conclusions. Research reports must include data sources and methods. The reference section is required. Sessions will include two 20-minute presentations, followed by a 10-minute discussion period per paper. Sessions will include two papers of similar content. Presenters are expected to provide electronic copies of papers.

Critical conversation.
The purpose of the critical conversation session is to provide time and space to discuss specific “hot button” or “stark truth” issues for women in leadership through the use of provocative questions, stories from the field, or other engaging format. The proposal summary should include a plan for presenting the issue, questions/discussion prompts, and strategies for engaging participants in a critical conversation. Each session will include two 30-minute presentations paired by similar content.

Panel Discussion.
The purpose of the panel session is to focus on a specific topic of interest to a defined audience. Panelists may represent higher education, community college, Pk-12 schools, educational consultants, and/or other sectors. These 60 minute sessions will follow one of the following formats: (1) short, individual panel member presentations, followed by audience discussion, questions and answers, or (2) a focused question and answer format led by an individual moderator facilitating prepared and audience generated questions addressed to a panel of experts. The proposal summary should include a plan for an hour long panel discussion.

Proposal Submission Procedure

All proposals should include these specified sections, easily identified in the proposal by heading:

  1.  Title
  2. Author Name(s), Title(s), Institution(s), Current Email Address(es)
    Place an asterisk * by name of proposal contact person.
  3. Session Category
    Choose from options outlined above.  
  4. Abstract
    In a 120- to 250-word abstract, written for program publication, describe the (1) purpose,  (2) content, (3) anticipated audience, (4) attendee participation, learning activity, or “take away.” Note: The abstract will be added the program. Every effort should be made to submit the abstract in a ready-for-publication format.
  5. Goals and Objectives of Session
  6. Theoretical/Conceptual Framework and Literature Review (as appropriate, for presentations involving research)
    Provide for papers or other research presentation formats.
  7. Summary of Session Content
    Provide enough detail for clear understanding of content and/or progression of session from beginning to end.
  8. Session Outcomes Describe anticipated outcomes for session participants
  9. References (as appropriate, )

Proposals are to be no more than two single-spaced pages in length, excluding references, and written in Times New Roman, 12-point font.

Specific Submission Title Formatting

The completed proposal must be submitted to the conference proposal site.

The Word document file name should follow this format:

[Presenter last name]_[Presenter last name]_[Session Title]

WIELS Proposal Deadlines

Submit proposals by June 30, 2022.
Acceptance letters will be sent by email on or before August 15, 2022.

Further information about the conference can be found at:  



Appalachian State University WIELS Contacts (email):

Dr. Precious Mudiwa, WIELS Conference Director

Dr. Susan Colby, WIELS  Conference Associate Director