We would like to give special thanks to our sponsors. Your support helped facilitate a very empowering educational experience for our participants.

  • Sheri N. Everts, Chancellor, Appalachian State University, for sponsoring the WIELS opening meeting reception
  • Melba Spooner, Dean, Reich College of Education, for generously sponsoring the conference
  • Shawn Ricks, Chair, Department of Leadership & Educational Studies, for generously sponsoring the conference
  • Lori Dean for the WIELS website
  • Jackie Ward and Lynn Church for handling the budgetary processes
  • Patti Levine-Brown for conference silent auction items and oversight
  • Rebekah Saylors for conference promotion
  • Contributors to the WIELS Scholarship Program for sponsoring several participants this year!
  • Dr. Susan Colby for creating the WIELS schedule
  • Dr. Amy Cheney for creating the technology spaces